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How the world’s nuclear stockpiles have shifted since Hiroshima

There are roughly 13,355 nuclear weapons in the world, with 91% of them belonging to Russia (6,370) or the U.S. (5,800), according to estimates from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. What to watch: China’s stockpile of around 290 warheads is “likely to grow further over the next decade” and put it firmly in the third…

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How the world’s fastest animal is losing the race for survival

HARGEISA, Somalia — A baby cheetah named Vickey, plucked from her mother when she was just a few weeks old, was among hundreds of big cats taken by traffickers to be sold as pets in illegal online markets.One of the lucky ones, Vickey was rescued from traders in the East African self-declared state of Somaliland.…

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The World’s Jumbo Jets Are Heading for the Boneyard

By David Fickling | Bloomberg, The queens of the skies have fallen on hard times. As Covid-19 has frozen the international travel on which they once thrived, double-decker, four-engine planes like the Airbus SE A380 and Boeing Co. 747 are more likely to be found in storage than soaring through the skies.Carriers such as Pan Am…

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Huawei became the world’s largest smartphone vendor in Q2 2020

Two years ago, it was on the road to becoming the world’s top smartphone maker. Last year, it seemed almost impossible despite wresting the number two spot from Apple. Now it seems that the embattled Chinese phone maker and networking equipment manufacturer has made good on its promise and has actually beaten Samsung in the…

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The Outer Worlds’ first DLC adds a new planet with Peril on Gorgon

Welcome back to The Outer Worlds, one of the best RPGs of 2019. The game’s first DLC pack, Peril on Gorgon, is more of a good thing: a new planet, three new science weapons, and a ton of characters that the player can indiscriminately murder. Peril on Gorgon is fully integrated with the main campaign.…

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The World’s Best Whisky—According To The 2020 International Whisky Competition

32 Year Old Double Double Dewar’s The International Whisky Competition has been held annually since 2010. It recognizes some of the finest liquids in the bottle—across all classifications of brown spirit, from scotch to bourbon to Japanese whisky, and everything in between. Inspired by the Olympic Games, judges award bronze, silver and gold medals to…

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Walt Disney World’s Re-Opening Video Didn’t Go Over So Well

Brow Beat In retrospect, maybe “Haunted Hotel” was the wrong vibe. Walt Disney World Jobs On Saturday, the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida opened to guests for the first time since closing on March 15. To mark the occasion, the official “Disney Parks Jobs” Twitter account posted…

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World’s 1st necklace? Prehistoric painted shells, once on twine, located in Israel

Sometime around 160,000 to 120,000 years ago, early man began to string together painted shells and display them, according to a new international, interdisciplinary study published in the open-sourced PLOS One journal this week. The authors, a team of scientists led by Tel Aviv University’s Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer and University of Haifa’s Iris Groman-Yaroslavski,…

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England has one of the world’s worst Covid death rates. Now many fear it’s about to drink itself into chaos

(CNN) — The thought of a pint of beer in a proper pub is a dream that has sustained many people in the UK through the tough months of coronavirus lockdown, but as the doors to drinking establishments in England finally reopen after four months on Saturday, a potential nightmare looms. Just a week after…

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‘Strange New Worlds’: 10 glorious Star Trek cameos that could totally happen

We’re still at least a year away from the next live-action Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds, but it’s never a bad time to start fantasizing about random characters who might return. Before Strange New Worlds hits we’ll have Discovery Season 3, Lower Decks Season 1, and probably Picard Season 2. So, that’s a long…