Found wrong

The Wrong Side of 70 – How I Found Myself Surrounded By Specialists

Ernest Hemingway famously wrote in The Sun Also Rises that one goes bankrupt gradually, then suddenly.Of course, Hemingway was referring not only to how money is lost, but to the way many things work and how humans fail to perceive those things until they’re done deals.Which brings me to this burning question: How does a…


What We Do Wrong With Collaboration

Our beliefs about how we feel we need to “show up” for others can lead to extreme collaborative overload and burnout. For example, a desire to help others can lead us to jump into a project or debate without being asked. A need for status can prod us to drive collaborations back to ourselves. And…

Rumors wrong

When WWE Rumors go Wrong: Cody Rhodes, the Case of Knowing Too Much

The apparent inevitable Cody Rhodes re-debut in WWE is stuck in a weird return-purgatory we’ve never really seen before in pro wrestling. Typically, big returns are at least hinted at and anticipated…

buying wrong

It’s possible that you are buying the wrong lightbulbs

The light bulb in your lamp has burned out, so you go to the store to buy a new one. If you’re like me, you stand in the middle of the aisle, look at the display, and become increasingly confused. I remember I used to pick light bulbs based on wattage. It was easy—the more…

farming wrong

Are we growing in the wrong places? Researchers

Today, close to half of the world’s ice-free land is dedicated to agricultural production.Converting that natural land into agriculture has contributed to three of humanity’s most dire environmental challenges: the emission of greenhouse gases (food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s GHG emissions), habitat and biodiversity loss, and water scarcity – agriculture is…

Driving wrong

A man was driving the wrong way and was arrested for allegedly trafficking 120 pounds of pot

Troopers with the Kentucky State Police noticed a driver was traveling the wrong way on an exit ramp. When they conducted a traffic stop, they discovered he had what they allege was about 120 pounds of marijuana in his car.According to a press release issued by state police, officers saw the driver, 47-year-old Jose Mariano…

Privacy wrong

The wrong data privacy strategy could cost you billions

This article was contributed by Tianhui Michael Li, founder of The Data Incubator, and Maxime Agostini, cofounder and CEO of Sarus. Why differential privacy overcomes many of the fatal flaws of de-identification and data masking If data is the new oil, then privacy is the new environmentalism. With the growing use of data comes the need…

internet wrong

The internet is wrong about AMD’s Radeon RX6500 XT

Skimming through the endless reviews slamming AMD’s new $199 Radeon RX 6500 XT this week, you might think the affordable graphics card is nothing short of an abomination. “Worst GPU!” Hardware Unboxed’s video title screamed. “Worse Than 2016’s GPUs,” Gamers Nexus declared. “A GPU you might be able to buy… But shouldn’t,” Linus Tech Tips…

world wrong

What is wrong with the world map that you know?

Home News A girl looking at a world map in a classroom. (Image credit: Monalyn Gracia/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images) Walk into any school classroom and you will likely see a flat, rectangular map of the world sprawled across the wall. Generations of children have grown up learning that this projection is what Earth looks like.…

Alonso wrong

Alonso: 2007 gave me a false impression of F1 happiness

Two-time F1 world champion Alonso returned to the series last year with Alpine after a two-season break exploring other racing opportunities such as the Le Mans 24 Hours, the Indianapolis 500 and the Dakar Rally.Alonso scored one podium and helped Alpine finish fifth in the constructors’ championship last year…