Many job ads are terrible. This VC has 5 Tips to Make Yours Stand out

A few months ago when discussion of the Great Resignation was at its peak, Harvard researchers discovered that firms were turning away millions of qualified applicants. Why? Mostly because their job ads were so stuffed with irrelevant and outdated requirements that screening software eliminated tons of candidates that could have done the work perfectly well. And…

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The best iPad cases for 2022: Keep it safe

There are so many things that you can accomplish with your iPad. It’s a premiere tablet that allows you to do just about anything you can do on a computer. Now, since you or someone you know spent their hard-earned money on an iPad, chances are you and they want to keep it protected, right?…

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The Best Borderlands 2 DLC Is Yours For Free

Screenshot: 2KDo you like free things? They’re certainly a lot cheaper than expensive things, I find. A free thing you could have right now is Borderlands 2’s original Tiny Tina DLC, up on the Epic Game Store now as a standalone expansion (for which the correct name is “expandalone”). The idea is to get you…