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Though I hardly remember the Steam Autumn Sale ending, the Steam Winter Sale started yesterday, bringing squillions more cheap video games. If you’re staring baffled at an endless list of innumerable deals, you could use some help. Honestly, most of our Steam Autumn Sale recommendations still stand, but the few of us in the RPS…


Though the Steam Autumn Sale ended yesterday, I can recall that the Steam Winter Sale began yesterday. It brought squillions of more video games at a fraction of the price. You might need some guidance if you are staring at an innumerable list of deals. Honestly, most of our Steam Autumn Sale recommendations still stand, but the few of us in the RPS treehouse who haven’t already clocked off for the Christmas holiday do have some fresh picks for you too.

100 Hidden Objects bundle

What is it? A collection of 15 hidden object games.
Price: PS6. 34 (59% off)

Alice0 says: I’ve enjoyed the 100 Hidden Doodads games a lot over the past year. Every month or so, another drawing arrives with another 100 doodads to find for less than a quid. These doodads are small, easy to use, often fun and sometimes pretty. So 15 of them for PS6 is great. Hidden object games are great for Christmas holidays. Imagine yourself lying on your stomach looking for one last damn bird. And if you want a taste of ’em, 100 Hidden Frogs is free.

A psychedelic drawing with hidden snails in a 100 Hidden Snails screenshot.

Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection

What’s it all about? Courtroom drama and criminal investigations in melodramatic visual novels.
Price: PS29.99/EUR44.99/$44. 99 (25% off)

Hayden said: Rebecca is currently on Christmas vacation so I thought I’d make a suggestion she would approve of. If necessary, Rebecca would actually defend this one in court. The Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection contains a surprising number of whimsical mysteries. It combines the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy with Great Ace Attorney Chronicles into one stuffed box. This one is practically spilling out of Santa’s sack folks, and for PS30? That seems like a steal. We are not actually stealing anything, but that’s a false impression! We are going to court! OBJECTION!

Further reading: Katharine and Matthew’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy review verdict, and Katharine’s Great Ace Attorney Chronicles review.

Deadly Premonition

What is it? An open-world horror soap opera which is simultaneously amazing and rubbish
Price: PS3.99/EUR4.99/$4. 99 (80% off)

Alice0 said: There are people who will tell you that Deadly Premonition can be “so terrible it’s good”. They are wrong. The good and the bad of Deadly Premonition are both so wonderful, but also so terrible. This contrast amplifies its goodness. It’s also “like David Lynch made it” because it clearly cites Twin Peaks. They’re wrong, partly because Deadly Premonition is only able to emerge from the shadows of Twin Peaks and partially because David Lynch doesn’t seem to be into open-world survival horror games.

What is it actually? It is a game that has charm, personality, characters that I love dearly, and a wonderful mish-mash system. You can get paid by the FBI to shave, or you may need to sleep in a graveyard eating stolen tomatoes to stay alive. There’s also a central mystery which thrilled me. The PC port is terrible with many bugs and technical limitations. It is one my favorite games and I struggle to recommend it.

Deadly premonition was a popular product years ago, but it has been back in stock for nearly a year. It was unplayable when I tried it again last year. But now, it seems super-janked. Mysteries. Steam does offer refunds. But really, do follow PCGamingWiki to install the resolution fix.

Further reading: Adam’s Deadly Premonition review, Samuel Horti’s argument why Deadly Premonition is the game worth saving from 2013, and just a list of some stuff you do in it.

Weird twins whispering in a Deadly Premonition screenshot.

Exo One

What is it? Interplanetary exploration using momentum.
Price: PS11.59/EUR12.79/$13. 59 (20% off)

James: Caveat 1. This item is available on Game Pass. If you don’t have Game Pass, don’t buy it. Caveat 2: Graham didn’t like it. However, I’m not Graham and found it enjoyable to fly Exo Ones marble spaceship around distant worlds. It was almost therapeutic. Although it’s not difficult once you learn how to use momentum instead of friction, this sci-fi story has enough twists and turns to keep it fresh. From rolling and jumping over hills, to long-range glides, pseudo-platforming, and even skipping your ship across oceans like stones, you’ll be able to do it all. The alien landscapes are stunning and the sound design is minimalistic. This creates a feeling of being alone in space. It’s almost like a ball.

Further reading: Graham’s Exo One review.

A disc soars through lurid blue skies in an Exo One screenshot.

Risk Of Rain 2

What’s it all about? This is a co-op shooter where you combine power-ups to fight alien hordes.
Price: PS11.99/EUR14.99/$14. 99 (40% off)

Ed said: Risk Of Rain 2 is a great, bitty game. It’s great for getting together with friends and shooting aliens. There’s no messing around. Choose your character, then gather power-ups and build an insanely powerful build. ROR2 is a well-crafted and polished game with power-ups that you will feel an insatiable desire to unlock.

Further reading: Matt’s Risk Of Rain 2 review.

Action in a Risk Of Rain 2 screenshot.

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1

What’s it all about? An adventure game for the first person set in a surreal place.
Price: PS3.59/EUR4.09/$4. 99 (50% off)

Alice0 said: Cosmo D’s first-person adventure games are my favorite. They take us to strange places to discover and marvel at. His games outside of his city are great because he was a musician first. Their bricolage look is also something I love, objects that are united by their discordance. His stories are fascinating and show the lives of people who have been enslaved by systems of profit or influence that are beyond their control. They are simply amazing.

Further reading: Nate’s Tales From Off-Peak City review, where he thought he’d hate it but ended up loving it.

Titanfall 2

What is it? A hyper-intuitive sci fi FPS with mechs who are best friends.
Price: PS3.99/EUR4.79/$4. 79 (84% off)

James says: As much as I love Apex Legends (1464 hours and counting, jeeeesh I need more games), to me Titanfall 2 is still the best FPS of recent years. It’s effortless to navigate between kinetic, free-running manshoots or stompy mechfights with grace. The solo campaign and cooperative mode offer ample opportunities to enjoy the game without feeling competitive.

I won’t lie, the multiplayer has had its ups and downs. Even during peak times, you can expect to wait a while for matchmaking to start. This is when the game will actually be loaded. It works when it does. It’s a blast! Even the most basic deathmatch is a blast. And there’s always the perfectly-paced, creative campaign to help you out.

Further reading: Adam’s Titanfall 2 review, and our declaration that it was the best shooter of 2016.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

What is it? Competitive multiplayer platformer that allows you to build levels as you go.
Price: PS5.49/EUR6.24/$7. 49 (50% off)

Hayden said: Ultimate Chicken Horse was the best fun I’ve ever had this year. This is the kind of stupid fun where you can attach wrecking balls and swinging axes to everything and then watch it all unfold. But sometimes, that’s what you need to wind down.

It all begins like any other platformer. You can reach the flag and win points. Simple, right? Well, UCH mixes things up by letting you place traps at the start of every roun

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