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The 17 Best Luggage Brands for All Your Upcoming Travels

With holidays stalled, work trips cancelled, and travel restrictions in full force last year, a hopeful and vaccinated 2021 has us all longing for some type of wanderlust. And even though travel may look a little different nowadays –if it’s a family road trip, an Airbnb staycation, or eventually carrying that European tour you’ve been dreaming about, you will want the proper luggage for you through it all.

But deciding on the very best luggage isn’t necessarily that easy. The assortment of options in the marketplace can make shopping for a new big bag or carry-on feel like driving through a dark tunnel with no navigation system. But we are here to shine a light on your trek, using a guide to picking the ideal luggage for you and your budget. Whether you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all carry-on or an entire stylish luggage set, these are the very best luggage brands for 2021 who have all the proper options to have you cruising from point A to point B, without the hassle or anxiety of schlepping that raggedy, old instance at the back of your closet. Additionally, many of them contain travel accessories and lap top bags to keep you organized and moving during all facets of your journey.

How to Find the Right Luggage

The most popular bag comes in either a hard-sided or soft-sided ordered bag. The pros and cons to both depend on which you prioritize when you pack. Soft-sided luggage typically includes more room for movement, more organizational pockets, and will compress to fit into tight spaces (such as the overhead of an airplane). They open with a high flap zip, setting the bulk of storage in the base. This offers more packing space, but it can throw off the balance of your merchandise when it’s tossed around and stored off by airline workers. Fundamentally, soft-sided luggage does not provide as much coverage as hard-sided bags, but they are roomier.

Hard-sided bags began gaining popularity in the last couple of years, due to advances in making polycarbonate more durable and lighter. They feature a 50/50 split opening, making each side an equal stabilizer with a outer shell of tough protection. The polycarbonate shells are typically better for company travel. They stack easily, but are usually inflexible with zero room to expand just like a soft-sided bag. The hottest hard-sided bags look sleeker, are easier to clean and move, but require you to be strategic in your packing.

Other features which you will want to consider are weight and wheel-ability. The most modern bag comes in the lightest possible shape on four spinner wheels which can swivel 360 levels to create rolling around the airport, pavement, or hotel floor a cinch.

Ahead, you’ll learn everything the 15 best luggage manufacturers of 2021 have to offer, all at a variety of price points, highlighting each brand’s celebrity products to assist you pick the ideal luggage or luggage set that matches your lifestyle, as well as editor-tested favorites. Take stumbling on this article as a sign for you to book the trip, pack that bag, and just go, since if Covid taught us anything, it’s that life is too short to not travel.


You must be living under a rock if that is your first time hearing the magic that is AWAY luggage. The modern marketing behind this millennial-favorite travel brand made us a bit skeptical of the item hype, however after one walk through the airport, we were hooked on the wheel-ability (quickly walkers, rejoice!) . The simple-yet-modern layout makes you really like to take their luggage and give them for two or spin. AWAY’s claim to fame comes from their built-in battery packs that can power up your devices. The carry on dimensions come in a conventional option and a larger carry-on for certain airlines which allow it. They innovated their hard-sided bag collection, and now make a full-line of soft-sided durable ballistic nylon and outside pocket additions.

“I’m a big fan of AWAY luggage! The brand’s pieces are thoughtfully designed with great attention to detail for travelers looking to commute with ease. The interior of the suitcase has a streamlined design, which offers ample space to fit all your necessary items in an uncluttered and organized way. Plus, AWAY’s suitcases are extremely lightweight, so you can easily maneuver to and from your destination without pulling your muscles or overexerting unnecessary energy–to me that kind of ease is invaluable (at a price that’s very fair).” – Ted Stafford, Fashion Director

AWAY The Expandable Large

AWAY The Bigger Carry-On with Pocket


Samsonite makes the most effective affordable suitcases and luggage sets for this day. Though the brand is at pretty much every significant department store, we have discovered that the best place to purchase Samsonite bag is really on Amazon. The retailer carries a number of their best rated goods that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. You’re able to score an entire hard-sided set for under $300 or shop their lasting nylon singles. The items may not be lightweight and innovative as a number of the others, however if you’re a few-times-a-year traveler, you’ll receive enough bang for your buck with Samsonite luggage.

“I have one large Samsonite hard-sided suitcase I refer to as my give-zero-f*cks luggage, because no matter how I mistreat it, from accidentally dropping down flights of stairs to slamming the trunk lid on it, the case has the durability to withstand it all. I know a lot of people who are a bit too precious with their suitcases, but I appreciate any luggage that can take a beating due to my clumsy mishaps and protect my pricey valuables inside.” – Adam Mansuroglu, Senior Style & Commerce Editor

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage Set


$569. 97

$399. 00 (30% away )

Samsonite Leverage Expandable Luggage


$199. 99

$129. 99 (35% off)

Samsonite Freeform Expandable Checked Luggage


$239. 99

$155. 99 (35percent away )

Samsonite Omni Hardside Expandable Luggage



Calpak‘s popularity is right up there with AWAY’s. A significant distinction is that the organizational pockets on the inside. Almost all of Calpak’s luggage has different sleeves for sneakers, zip pockets for smaller items, compartments for magazines, and straps to hold everything in place. While the bag does not have the same tech attributes, the outer shell will keep your liquids intact and the surface area is a bit wider. Plus, they create some of their best matching luggage sets round, including a full line of accessories that make packing easier.

As somebody who used to frequently sit her luggage to close it, I can confidently state that Calpak has turned me into an efficient packing pro. I use their packaging cubes and organizers to categorize my items. The suitcases are deep, roomy, and keep me organized in any way times.

Calpak Ambeur 3-Piece Luggage Set

Calpak Packing Cubes 5-Piece Set

Calpak Hue Carry-On with Pocket

Amazon Basics

Most people do not understand that Amazon creates an online line line of basic lifestyle items. Among the mega retailer’s top-rated products are its bag (I know what you are thinking. . .and we had been doubtful at first, too). It ends up, their carry-on works effectively for a product under $75. The Amazon Basics carry-on is super lightweight and swivels nicely. It is a smaller than many, but ideal for a weekend getaway or the light packer. For an essential line-up of packaging tools, look no further than your favorite destination with two-day shipping. We are going to provide this the”best carry-on luggage for under $100″ award.

Amazon Basics Hardside Carryon

Amazon Basics 4 Piece Packing Travel Cubes

Amazon Basics Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale

Amazon Basics RFID Travel Wallet


You’re probably going to be impressed with Monos with this list. The Canadian manufacturer makes bags with a cool minimalist aesthetic, and it is extremely efficient. They’ve thoroughly thought of every traveling hiccup and reflected their products to improve them. Their carry-on features a fold-out tech pocket which does not undermine the polished aluminum and polycarbonate hybrid shell. The result of all of this: durable aluminum, lightweight polycarbonate, and soft-sided company attributes. Plus, their wheels are virtually noiseless, along with the brand’s accessories snap perfectly into place one of the whole field of luggage. It all looks and feels expensive, probably because it is not cheap–but it will make your travel dreams a lot better.


Calling all gear heads! If you are an adventure traveler, YETI has your back (literally, with their first Crossroads backpack string ). In this line of bag, you will discover dry bags for white water rafting, carryalls, and classic rolling luggage and duffels that could withstand virtually anything without showing much wear and tear. They’re made for utility and function with a willingness to get pitched around and filthy with a simple clean. All are water resistant while some designs are totally watertight.


Tumi is because of its slick traveler about the movement that enjoys design as far as they do operate. They are the industry standard in regards to testing, so you understand a sheet of Tumi bag is well worth the investment.

“I’ve had my Tumi 19 Degree carry-on case for a few years now. Whenever I want to feel a bit more fancy and pretend like I live that jet-set life, I make sure to carry that silver stunner. But it not only looks sleek and stylish–it can hold a surprising amount of shoes for a fashion editor who can’t seem to ever travel light.” – Adam Mansuroglu, Style & Commerce Editor

Tumi Alpha 3 International Expandable Carry-On


$680. 00

Tumi Merge 31-Inch Recycled Extended Suitcase


$950. 00

Tumi V4 31-Inch Extended Spinner


$525. 00

Tumi V4 Expandable Spinner Carry-On


Victorinox is famous for seamless ergonomics in all their goods. Their bag category is specifically is designed to be managed with extreme ease. The brand makes some of the best carry-ons, messengers, and briefcases, all with a sophisticated look. The hard-sided casing and built in locks keeps your goods procured and protected at all times, while the soft-sided options come at a less expensive cost.

Victorinox Connex Hardside Spinner Luggage


$369. 00

$259. 00 (30percent off)

Victorinox Werks Traveler Luggage


$399. 00

$333. 17 (16% off)

Victorinox Spectra two Hardside Spinner


$379. 50

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access Hardside Spinner


For over 120 years, Rimowa has been making hard-sided luggage. From the first wooden suitcasesinto a sturdy aluminum, and today, ultra lightweight-polycarbonate, the manufacturer is also known for pushing the bounds of innovation. They come in at a luxury price point, but will last for well over a decade. The hard-sided shell may seem intimidating at first, but as soon as you feel lightweight and easy so is to wheel, then you will wonder why you have not invested in it earlier.

Rimowa Original Cabin 22-Inch Carry-On

Rimowa Original Cabin 22-Inch Carry-On


$1,080. 00

Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In Medium


$620. 00

Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In Large 31-Inch


$690. 00


Bric‘s best line of luggage to date is the hottest Porsche collection (yes, as in the vehicle manufacturer ). It mirrors the same degree of sexy: a slick technical design with flashy, fast capabilities. The hard-sided things are produced from an extremely lightweight polycarbonate that’s flexible, resistant, and their products come with a charging USB connection. Every slice has leather handles that marry the worlds of high tech invention and classic style.

Bric Porsche Spinner Expandable

Bric Ulisse 28″

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