The Clippers’ crumple in Sport 7 is yet another reminder that they mild are who they’ve continuously been

After all the pieces — the depth, the deals, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the faux promise of Doc Rivers and the deep pockets of Steve Ballmer — we’re left with this: The Clippers are mild the Clippers.


Mess ups.

The holders of yet yet another historical crumple. 

Stars dimmed, and then recast as the butt of jokes, in a postseason that makes fools of all of us who believed.

It is traumatic to make justice to appropriate how gorgeous and bitter Denver’s 104-89 dismantling of the Clippers in actuality was in Sport 7 of the 2d-spherical playoff sequence, but here’s a instant try.

Up 3-1 within the sequence, the Clippers, the percentages-on favorites to desire all of it appropriate every week within the past, and loaded with Kawhi, supposed star Paul George and supposed worthy-coach Doc Rivers, preceded to: Squander a 13-point lead with 1: 25 left within the third quarter of Sport 5, give away a 19-point lead within the third quarter of Sport 6, and then in Sport 7, after yet another double-digit lead, abdicate of any hope, effort or excellence as the fourth quarter unfolded.

There is more.

Kawhi Leonard was 6-of-22 on the night and — traumatic dwell to desire this in — 0-for-5 within the fourth quarter. Arguably the game’s 2d-completely and 2d-most positive postseason closer, a particular person with two Finals MVPs with two diversified teams, had long gone corpulent Clippers. What, in actuality, is within the water at the Clippers dwelling sinful? 

Paul George was worse: 4-for-16 for the game and zero-for-6 within the fourth quarter — alongside side 0-for-5 from the 3-point line. The guy who talked about Portland going to Cabo earlier within the postseason ended his possess with a spotlight reel led by getting outplayed by the aspect of the backboard.

There is more, but you secure the image: Denver was out of the ordinary. And the Clippers, who gave away so worthy of its future to pry George from the Boom for a shot at this twelve months and next — he and Leonard can hit the starting up market next summer, and who wouldn’t, and hasn’t, when they’ve learned what it methodology to be a Clipper — are where they continuously are.

Nowhere. Having a sight older, and no more unhealthy, then when all felt appropriate. A walking mirage that guarantees one thing but continuously ends up as the reverse. 

At the center of this, continuously, is Doc Rivers. So let’s originate with the likable, media-savvy coach, the guy who won a championship successfully bigger than a decade within the past. Even that begs a more in-depth sight: How did that Celtics personnel fail to desire more? 

Identical seek files from, L.A., or presumably a diversified seek files from with the inevitable same acknowledge: How admire you did not make even a conference finals in seven seasons with Rivers at the helm? There admire completely been 13 3-1 comebacks, and attributable to this truth collapses, in NBA history. Denver has two this postseason, and that is the rationale improbable.

Attain you admire what else is improbable? The Clippers were on the receiving cease of that historical truth twice, in 2015 against Houston and this twelve months. Every sequence had a conference finals look on the line.

And this: Rivers additionally coached that Orlando Magic personnel in 2003 that did not make exact on a 3-1 sequence lead against the Detroit Pistons.

Rivers has coached three of the 13 teams to ever lose an NBA playoff sequence after going up 3-1 and 6 teams which admire blown a 3-2 lead, alongside side the 2010 NBA Finals when Boston took a 3-2 sequence lead completely to enable the Lakers to storm inspire to desire an NBA championship within the inspire of Kobe Bryant.

Talking of the Lakers, make we cease with the Clippers-vs-Lakers showdown? They part a city, nothing more, and completely barely that. Here in L.A., that that it is seemingly you’ll well presumably presumably secure Clippers fans about as easily as that that it is seemingly you’ll well presumably presumably secure Padres fans: About a, here and there, but now not a fashion. They’re an afterthought, at completely, potentially in part because the Clippers make a grand job talking about matching, assembly and within the damage beating the Lakers but they’ve by no methodology in actuality, you admire, won the requisite sequence to make that. 

Steve Ballmer is a horny owner, with exact intentions and plenty of money. Nonetheless the institutional malaise of this personnel stretches far inspire, earlier than his tenure, to a chain of failure and choke-jobs and nights admire the one they suffered through in Orlando.

That is a truth.

This Clippers personnel might well well mild were the certainly within the NBA this twelve months. Kawhi, earlier than he arrived, was a surefire playoff Terminator. This season, they’d the game’s 2d-completely offense and fifth-completely defense. They’d depth. They’d P.G. as a appropriate-hand man, Lou Williams as a sharpshooter, Patrick Beverley as a defensive thoughts-sport machine — on and on it went, pieces to praise, reasons to imagine, weapons to use en path to glory.

Nonetheless these are the Clippers, mild.

These are Doc Rivers Clippers, mild.

Already, stories admire trickled out that gamers had been so drained Tuesday night they’d to build a seek files from to out of key stretches of the game. If that’s now not a coaching teach — minute management, and the discipline and management to make certain that guys are conditioned and engaging to transfer — nothing is.

Nonetheless why make excuses for the particular person? Why is it by no methodology his fault? In a replace where head coaches are usually hired to be fired, and blamed, Doc has been Teflon. Nothing has caught. Nonetheless success, admire blame, has did not join itself to him, too, all the plan through his time in L.A.

It turns out, for the Los Angeles Clippers, the sound and the fury mild signifies fully nothing. On fable of that’s what they’re left with after Tuesday night. And that, over all another time, seems admire what they’re going to be left with when this version of Clippers basketball goes where all these earlier than it admire long gone: Away, presumably as quickly as next summer, with nothing substantive — now not even a conference finals look, ever — to mask.

Blame usually follows such things. Nonetheless Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan are long long gone. LeBron James is now not the instrument of this setback.

Horrible cultures linger. That movie of failure, that layer of loserdom that might well well dangle-out any assign that’s been infested by it for too long, is now not easy to exorcise. 

Perchance it is time the Clippers make what all resets require: Launch by resetting the particular person guilty, likable despite the indisputable truth that they are usually, the particular person that’s underperformed, the particular person coaching the personnel itself.

The Clippers are mild the Clippers. Nonetheless would they be if anyone else had been coaching them this season?

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