The Convictions of Jim Caviezel

Actor Jim Caviezel is attends a movie premiere in Los Angeles, Calif., August 4, 2014. (Kevork Djansezian/Reuters)

Caviezel is a rare rooster in Hollywood. His profession aspirations had nothing to abolish with reputation or money.

‘I didn’t acquire invited by Hollywood to return to this commerce,” actor Jim Caviezel says. It become once God — now not the executives, the expertise agents, nor the filmmakers — that gave him his acting expertise. “God believed in me, that He wanted me to be an actor. I felt it in my coronary heart very deeply.”

A man of deep faith and conviction, Caviezel broke into Hollywood with an virtue in Terrence Malick’s 1998 battle movie The Thin Crimson Line. In 2004, he performed Jesus in Mel Gibson’s global blockbuster The Ardour of the Christ. Caviezel’s most modern movie Infidel, directed by his pal Cyrus Nowrasteh, tells the memoir of an American journalist who is imprisoned by the Iranian regime after talking out in opposition to the authorities’s Islamic totalitarianism. It is slated for open in four days.

Caviezel is a rare rooster in Hollywood. His profession aspirations had nothing to abolish with reputation or money. He’s motivated by one thing extra profound than what usually drives a proficient Hollywood superstar: reputation and treasure.

“I’ve learned my attain into strip clubs, and I become once so empty,” Caviezel laments, recalling the sooner phases of his profession. “Nonetheless I bear in mind attempting to abolish the final note element. A number of my chums had been like, ‘Come on, Jim, let’s proceed into the strip membership.’ And I acknowledged, I’m in a position to’t abolish it anymore.”

Since then, Caviezel has strived to abolish the “appropriate element, near hell or excessive water.” He says that “it’s most principal to take onto your convictions despite what and how out of the ordinary money they provide . . . some reputation is adverse.”

When Caviezel decided to play Jesus again in 2004, he took a big possibility, personally and professionally. Actors in Hollywood are continually told to steer clear of roles that can even unbiased polarize audiences and colleagues within the entertainment commerce. Caviezel, nevertheless, belief it become once his future. He welcomed the creative and spiritual burden as “a reward from God.”

“It wasn’t a curse. It told me that I become once going to hope to step up and be a individual, now not suitable a man who might presumably well unbiased now not ever grow to be a individual, because he avoids responsibility,” Caviezel says. “I didn’t desire the world to glimpse Jim Caviezel. I needed them to glimpse Jesus.”

Caviezel has always been captivated by Jesus’s authenticity, and that of participants he thinks embody Jesus’s spirituality and teachings, corresponding to Pope John Paul II, Mom Theresa, and Billy Graham. “One element they hang got usually is their authenticity. It’s unquenchable, and that’s what retains me out of the flesh,” he says. “When I abolish drop, I accomplish now not hang any different however to acquire myself again up and strive in opposition to, because we need folks to witness as a lot as.”

One amongst Caviezel’s fears is that a secularized world lacking spiritual values harbors chaos and imperfect, and neuters religious electorate; namely, Christians: “These are issues that must be discussed straight away, because depraved faith and depraved politics equal battle.” Caviezel cites the contradictions of the authorities’s response to COVID-19 as an instance:

We can’t proceed into our church buildings now, abolish we now? We can proceed on an airplane. We can look each person next to each a good deal of with cloth over their mouth. Of course, that’s science, appropriate? We know that they can suitable build a fraction of cloth on their mouths; that COVID-19 can’t fade; that we’ve gotta be six feet aside. . . . And but we’re on each a good deal of’s shoulders your complete time. For some motive COVID-19 is aware of now not to unfold on planes. We must hang this dialog, because I are attempting to clutch why we are in a position to’t proceed true into a church and cherish God, when there are many folks with out work, folks are if truth be told petrified of what’s going on.

“If we if truth be told hang the freedoms we proclaim, that now we hang our inalienable rights — lifestyles, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that are being taken from us appropriate now — then that requires folks to chase away on an agenda,” he says. “When folks silent down and abolish nothing, that’s when imperfect prevails.”

Caviezel believes the values he passionately speaks of are original, transcending birthday party politics. “Sooner than there ever become once a two-birthday party machine within the US,” he says, “there become once God.” He provides, “There is a time to be conservative, to be prudent. And there is a time to be liberal, which system to provide.”

Nonetheless for Caviezel, “no one has ever moved to victory on the again of false correct platitudes.” He hopes Infidel can rekindle that strive in opposition to for authentic morality, and the original values shared by peaceable electorate, whether or now not they’re Christian or Muslim. Caviezel also desires folks to be suitable with themselves, their faith, and their space in an especially secularized world. “As far as American Christians [are concerned], we is now not going to open to bridge the gaps that exist recently between Muslims and Christians, by pretending . . . by now not being good-attempting to ourselves in our bear beliefs,” he says.

Is Caviezel panicked that the movie might presumably well offend Muslims? Not if truth be told, as he sees it. In actuality, he believes the movie might presumably well empower them. “While the rest of the world panders to extremists, the accurate victims are mild Muslims. The ones who aren’t vulgar — they’re the team most oppressed by Islamic regimes, corresponding to Iran.” He continues, “You’re now not harming Muslims by taking a stand in opposition to radicals. You’re helping them.”

Audiences will have the flexibility to grab for themselves starting on September 18, when Infidel is released.

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