The Ultimate List of New Year’s Eve Recipe Ideas

New Year

The Ultimate List of New Year’s Eve Recipe Ideas

It feels like we have tons of time to prepare for Christmas, weeks before we are buying, decorating, wrapping and baking. Then comes New Year’s and we have only one week to prepare! That’s why we decided to bring you The Ultimate List of New Year’s Eve Recipe Ideas. All the recipes you need in one spot. New Year’s appetizers, main course, drink recipes and New Year’s dessert ideas.

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Enjoy our list of Amazing New Year’s Eve Recipe Ideas

The Best New Year’s Drink Recipes

1. Eating Richly 2. Lemons + Zest 3. Bitz & Giggles 4. Champagne and Sugarplums
  • This pomegranate mint champagne cocktail is a stunning New Year’s drink that can also be set up as a cocktail bar for parties.  Pomegranate Mint Champagne Cocktail Recipe by Eating Richly
  • Get festive with a bubbly Blood Orange Champagne Sangria! A simple and delicious cocktail with fresh blood oranges, orange liqueur, a touch of seltzer and Brut!  Blood Orange Champagne Sangria by Lemons + Zest
  • An elegant champagne cocktail with history that goes back to WWI. A perfect drink for parties and celebrations, especially New Year’s Eve!  French 75 Champagne Cocktail by Bitz & Giggles
  • Delicious New Year’s cocktail made with champagne and pink whitney, topped with raspberries Champagne Cocktail with Pink Whitney by Champagne and Sugarplums
1. Peace Love and Low Carb 2. My Chef’s Apron 3. Bitz & Giggles 4. Zestful Kitchen
  • If you are looking for a crisp and refreshing seasonal low carb cocktail, this is it! This Keto Tart Cranberry Cooler is easy to make, and completely delicious.  Tart Cranberry Cooler by Peace Love and Low Carb
  • A beautiful and delicious non-alcoholic cocktail (mocktail) to ring in the New Year, serve at parties, or celebrate a special event. This drink is fun, refreshing, and healthy!  An Elegant Non-Alcoholic New Year’s Drink by My Chefs Apron
  • Fun and fizzy Raspberry Fizz cocktail for New Year’s Eve!  Easy to make and very delicious.  Raspberry Fizz by Bitz & Giggles
  • Celebrate New Years with this fun and festive champagne cocktail!  Pomegranate Kir Royale by Zestful Kitchen
1. Scrappy Geek 2. Peace Love and Low Carb 3. Ottawa Mommy Club 4. Food Meanderings
  • Cranberry Lemon Drops are a drink you’ll want to make this New Year’s Eve!  New Year’s Eve Drink – Cranberry Lemon Drops by Scrappy Geek
  • Take your favorite brunch cocktail and level it up to make these Orange Creamsicle Mimosas. Imagine the Orange Julius of your childhood, in a fun, adult boozy version, perfect for New Year’s Day brunch!  Orange Creamsicle Mimosas by Peace Love and Low Carb
  • No matter where you are watching the ball drop on New Year, you will want to have our delicious New Year’s Milk Shot drink in your hands!  New Year’s Milk Shots Recipe by Ottawa Mommy Club
  • This non alcoholic Cranberry Cosmo Mocktail is really fun, festive and the perfect holiday drink for kids!  Cranberry Cosmo Mocktail: A Festive Non Alcoholic Holiday Drink! By Food Meanderings

The Best New Year’s Appetizer and Dinner Ideas

1. Appetizer Addiction 2. Little Sunny Kitchen 3. The Cozy Cook 4. From Valerie’s Kitchen
  • Prosciutto Fig Crostini is a great appetizer to serve at your New Year’s Eve party. These fancy looking bites are so easy to make!  Prosciutto Fig Crostini by Appetizer Addiction
  • Festive, easy, cranberry brie bites make the best appetizer that tastes and looks fancy! Gooey melty cheese with tart cranberry sauce wrapped in a golden, buttery, and flaky puff pastry, to make these bite-sized snacks or appetizers for New Year’s!  Easy Cranberry Brie Bites by Little Sunny Kitchen
  • This homemade crab rangoon can be baked or fried! It’s filled with an easy cream cheese Crab Rangoon filling. Plus, they’re easy to make ahead of time for seamless entertaining!  Homemade Crab Rangoon by The Cozy Cook
  • Perfect appetizer for New Year’s Eve.  This Cheesy Hot Crab Dip tastes delicious, is decadent and a little bit elegant!  Cheesy Hot Crab Dip by From Valerie’s Kitchen
1. Appetizer Addiction 2. Little Sunny Kitchen 3. It Is A Keeper 4. This Healthy Kitchen
  • These Olive Stuffed Cheese Ball Bites are the perfect appetizer for the New Year’s! They are not only easy to make but taste delicious and can be served on their own, with crackers or part of a cheese board.  Olive Stuffed Cheese Ball Bites by Appetizer Addiction
  • Bruschetta is an easy Italian appetizer made with bread that is grilled then rubbed with cloves of garlic. It is often topped with olive oil, juicy and bright tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves. A simple and quick appetizer that you can throw together in just 20 minutes!  Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil by Little Sunny Kitchen
  • This perfect cheese board is a great appetizer for New Years’. It is super classy and easy to make for any event. A cheese board is always a yummy crowd pleaser!  How to Make a Cheeseboard by It Is a Keeper
  • Black eyed peas are traditionally eaten on New Year’s eve as they’re said to bring luck and prosperity for the new year. This cowboy caviar is a fantastic way to enjoy the tradition!  Oil Free Cowboy Caviar Dip by This Healthy Kitchen

Keep Reading for more of The Ultimate List of New Year’s Eve Recipe Ideas

1. The Cozy Cook 2. Recipes From a Pantry 3. Peace Love and Low Carb 4. Valerie’s Kitchen
  • These homemade Chinese chicken fingers are JUST like from a restaurant. Crispy and golden on the outside and filled with juicy chicken on the inside. Perfect finger food for New Year’s!  Chinese Chicken Fingers by The Cozy Cook
  • These Air Fryer Egg Rolls are delicious and easy to make!  A perfect appetizer for New Year’s Eve.  Instant Pot & Air Fryer Egg Rolls by Recipes From a Pantry
  • The beauty of a well-made charcuterie plate is that there are no rules. Making a keto charcuterie board is the perfect low carb appetizer a New Years Eve celebration. How to Build an Epic Keto Charcuterie Board by Peace Love and Low Carb.
  • Delicious and easy Crock-Pot Meatball recipe, perfect for New Year’s Eve!  Crock-Pot Cocktail Meatballs by From Valerie’s Kitchen

1. Cincy Shopper 2. Ask Chef Dennis 3. Recipes from a Pantry 4. Champagne and Sugarplums

  • Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies use our delicious spiced sugar to add tons of extra flavour. These cocktail weenies are easy to make and SO tasty!  Bacon Wrapped Smokies by Cincy Shopper
  • Bring the New Year in Style with my Lobster stuffed with crab imperial. It will definitely be a highlight of the festivities!  Lobster Stuffed with Crab Imperial by Ask Chef Dennis
  • With only three ingredients these delicious meatballs are the perfect New Year’s Eve party food!  Slow Cooker Grape Jelly Meatballs by Recipes from a Pantry
  • Delicious brie and mango appetizer. Easy to make and flavours that will have you going back for more! Brie Bites with Mango Chutney Appetizer by Champagne and Sugarplums

1. Earth Food and Fire 2. Vegan Huggs 3. Two Sleevers 4. A Mummy too

  • An easy meal to put together, meat fondue (called fleischfondue in Germany) can include any variety of meat, and cater to a multitude of tastes. The perfect party food for the holidays!  German Meat Fondue (Fleischfondue) by Earth Food and Fire
  • Vegan Spinach Artichoke Cups ~ a crowd favorite tucked inside a crispy and flaky shell. Perfect for New Years Eve celebrations!  Vegan Spinach Artichoke Cups by Vegan Huggs
  • Instant Pot Vegetarian Black Eyed Peas recipe with tomato and spinach or Indian Spinach Lobia is easier to make than you think! It’s a nutritious vegetarian dish you can make in less than 15 minutes.  Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas Recipe by Two Sleevers
  • This may look a little like bruschetta, but it isn’t. It’s actually cooked, sliced and griddled polenta, topped not with tomatoes but peppers and carrots.  Thyme Vegetables on Polenta Toast (vegetarian, gluten-free starter) by A Mummy Too

The Best New Year’s Eve Recipe Ideas

1. Lemon Blossoms 2. My Joy Filled Life 3. The Monday Box 4. Crayons & Cravings
  • These Prosecco Sugared Grapes have only 3 ingredients and are super easy to make. Sweet, crunchy, boozy and addicting! They are the perfect lucky treat for New Year’s or any other day of the year! Prosecco Sugared Grapes by Lemon Blossoms
  • Perfect for New Year’s Eve, these Sprinkle Dipped Fortune Cookies are fun and easy to do!  Sprinkled Dipped Fortune Cookies by My Joy Filled Life
  • No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies are a scrumptious party nibble that can be thrown together in minutes! Creamy chocolate and peanut butter combine with a cereal puff crunch in this one bite cookie treat.  No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies by The Monday Box
  • Chocolatey goodness without eggs, milk or butter!  A tasty cake for a night of fun and celebration, bring in the New Year with a delicious chocolate cake.  Crazy Cake by Crayons & Cravings
1. Moore or Less Cooking 2. Scrappy Geek 3. Tshanina Peterson 4. Barth Bakery
  • Fun and easy to make New Year’s Eve Countdown Cupcakes will be the hit of the party!  New Year’s Eve Countdown Cupcakes by Moore or Less Cooking
  • Dessert for New Year’s eve! These easy cookies are an excellent way to bring in the new year!  New Year’s Eve Cookies by Scrappy Geek
  • Creamy eggnoggy pudding layered with vanilla wafers and topped with creamy chocolate…yes please! You’ll be the hit of the party or get-together with this fabulous Eggnog Eclair Dessert.  Eggnog Eclair Dessert by Tshanina Peterson
  • These small chocolate cake balls are the perfect New Year’s dessert.  Filled with sweet and delicious booziness, they are easy to make and look fun too!  Irish Car Bomb Cake Balls by Barth Bakery

We hope you like The Ultimate List of New Years Eve Recipe Ideas! Enjoy your New Year’s celebration this year, eat great food, drink great drinks and be happy! Looking for some New Year’s crafts? Certainly check out our New Year Countdown Clock or our fun Shooting Stars Kids Craft!

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