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Todd White reveals a heart condition that only allows the left half of his heart to pump at 20% capacity

Todd White, an evangelist and street healer, recently revealed that he is suffering from a heart condition that will only allow the left side of his heart to pump at 20 percent capacity.White, the founder and president of Lifestyle Christianity (LCU), explained in a video last week that his absence at his church’s Expand 22…

Todd White is an evangelist, street healer and has recently disclosed that his left side will not allow him to pump at 20% capacity.

White is the founder and president at Lifestyle Christianity (LCU). He explained that his absence from his church’s Expand 22 function was due to a cardiac condition. Expand 22 is a campaign by the church intended to raise money for “planting a seed to propel the Gospel in these unprecedented times and see as many sons and daughters commissioned to go and make disciples among the nations.”

“Unfortunately, for the beginning of this campaign, I had an issue come up with my heart,” White said. White stated, “I haven’t been here at this training center. I haven’t been able preach as I want to. He said that he hasn’t been able speak the way he wants to.

” “Some virus came in and weaken my left ventricle side, my heart,” White said. He also stated that he works out and eats well.

White shared with us that his doctor suggested that he remain on bed rest for 90 day to allow his body to heal, Church leaders reports.

White also said that his heart is healing and that he is looking forward to returning to the ministry.

” I’m 60 days away from being fully free to preach the gospel and to do all that I’m called, which is making LCU as strong and as powerful as possible,” White stated.

“We are determined to bring God’s kingdom here, now,” he said. We want America to be saved. But we need your help. We need your help right now. We need your help. Please help us sow right now. We love you. If we have helped you, please help us. .”

White is a former addict and atheist who has been accused of being a false teacher by teaching the prosperity gospel and saying he can heal people.

In July 2020, White confessed to not preaching the “whole gospel” and declared his repentance.

“If you are seeking a better life and have come to the gospel, then you have come in for the wrong gospel,” White stated in a sermon.

In another sermon weeks later, White slammed his critics for labeling him a false teacher

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