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Why are restaurant burgers so much better than those you make at home?

Over the weekend, the weather in Chicago finally took a turn away from freezing. As temperatures continue to climb up into the mid-80s, all the grills at the park across my street have been in constant use. Every time I go out, I see a new set of groups clustered around the grills, futzing with…

Over the weekend, the weather was finally warming up in Chicago . As temperatures continue to climb up into the mid-80s, all the grills at the park across my street have been in constant use. Every time I go outside, I see new groups gathered around the grills, clacking sets of tongs ., and futzing with charcoal. Most are making burgers, and I can’t wait to get out there with them.

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Although burgers are a common staple, it can be difficult to create a home-cooked version that is as good as the ones you get at a restaurant. Salon Food created this list of 5 tips to make better burgers at-home.

Get ready to impress your friends and family when you take over the grill this summer. You don’t need a commercial kitchen.

Make sure you’re buying the good meat (and that you treat it correctly)

Sometimes, when making burgers at home you expect a juicy, umami-packed bite, but you end up disappointed as you chew. The taste is bland and the patties are a bit gristly. What is the reason? What is the reason?

It is no secret that eating fewer meat is a better option for our health and the well-being of our planet. When you do decide to buy meat, it is important that you choose better meat from reputable suppliers. Do a little research to find out if any farmer’s markets or local butcher shops in your area carry beef from organic producers in your region. Although it may cost a bit more than buying the same product at a supermarket, it will be well worth it.

Grass-fed beef tends have a more mineral-y taste that people associate with beef’s savoriness. On the other hand, grain-fed beef has more sweetness and marbling. You can choose what you prefer. Be sure to purchase a blend that has at least 25% fat, especially if you’re cooking burgers to rare or medium rare. fat, in fact, is flavor .

One of the biggest mistakes in cooking burgers is overworking it (and I am definitely guilty of this! Overworking the patty is a common mistake. Think of it like bread dough, in a way. Although it can be satisfying to get your hands in the ground meat mixture, it can also dry out the burger.

To avoid these pre-formed patties from the supermarket, Make your own patties instead. Season them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, if necessary. Place them on a parchment-covered baking tray in the fridge until you are ready to cook.

Using chilled meat on a hot grill or skillet, and then pressing down quickly with a spatula to ensure that the patties get a nice sear and retain moisture,

Invest in a few simple tools

Most restaurants use a flat-top grill to cook burgers. They are great for batch cooking and keeping the temperature consistent. This can be replicated at home using a heavy, flat-bottomed skillet made of cast iron. You can heat it on the stove or grill.

A good, sturdy metal spatula can do wonders. You don’t need a flat silicone or plastic spatula to remove hot cookies from a baking sheet. Instead, look for something that has a sharp metal edge. This allows you to flip the patties easily without losing the caramelized bits that were created while searing them.

Melt your cheese the right way

A cast-iron skillet can help you make the perfect burgers. You may be wondering how many ways there are to melt cheese, but think about what happens when you place a cold slice of cheese on a mostly-grilled burger. It doesn’t always achieve that creamy, melty consistency.

Instead, once your burger is almost fully cooked, put your cheese on top, add a splash of water to the skillet and cover it with a lid. The steam from the water hitting the hot pan gets captured under the lid and quickl

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