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Wicked Brick Launches Display Solution Range for IKEA Products

Cambridge, United Kingdom, July 22, 2021 –(– Wicked Brick today announced a new product range. This product range includes display solutions (including podiums, magnetic windows, cases and stands) that integrate seamlessly with popular IKEA products. These products offer a new convenient way for customers to create varied display options for their pop culture collectibles.

“So many people already have and love IKEA storage and shelving; it seemed like the perfect solution for us to create a product range that would work perfectly with it,” said Lee Drury and Kevin Murden, Co-Founders and Directors at Wicked Brick. “We’re always keen to find real-life solutions for our customers that are affordable and convenient.”

By allowing seamless integration with existing IKEA furniture, the new product range will allow customers to give their LEGO, FUNKO, Hot Toys (and limitless other collectibles) the premium showcase they deserve in their homes and offices.

Two product ranges are initially being launched – one is compatible with IKEA’s multifunctional Kallax Units, and the other is for IKEA’s Detolf Cabinet. The Kallax-compatible solutions include magnetically-attached window frames (different colours available), back

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