Alyssa Healy: ‘India showed us what we couldn’t quite do with the new ball’

The Australia opener was full of praise for the displays of Jhulan Goswami, Meghna Singh and Pooja Vastrakar…

Alienware celebrates

Alienware celebrates 25 years with revamped Aurora desktop PC

Alienware is celebrating its 25th birthday. There will be a special Twitch stream later today (2pm US central time, 8pm UK time) but we already have a good idea of the headlining product from the event thanks to a press release about a new flagship desktop from the Dell-owned gaming brand. The new desktop PC…

Cylinder' Eternal

The Eternal Cylinder Review

Price: £21.99 Developer: ACE Team Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Version Reviewed: PC The Eternal Cylinder is without doubt without a doubt the weirdest game I’ve played this year. It’s a game in which you play a sentient trunk which is hunted by giant mouths and hybrid car people, all while…

pandemic Reimagining

Reimagining our pandemic problems with the mindset of an engineer

The last 20 months turned every dog into an amateur epidemiologist and statistician. Meanwhile, a group of bona fide epidemiologists and statisticians came to believe that pandemic problems might be more effectively solved by adopting the mindset of an engineer: that is, focusing on pragmatic problem-solving with an iterative, adaptive strategy to make things work.…

After seeing

After seeing new leaked photos of the Pixel 6, I think I finally get the phone’s unusual design

We’re just a few days away from Google’s October 19th launch event for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but if you want an early look at what to expect, you might want to check out this big thread of leaked images from prolific leaker Evan Blass. The thread includes what appear to be…

Apple's Later

A year later, Apple’s MagSafe continues to underwhelm

One year ago yesterday, I wrote how MagSafe could be the biggest reason to buy an iPhone 12. I believed it, too. It looked like Apple had cracked the code to effortlessly accessorize the iPhone and even add modular new capabilities. The company showed its pricey new MagSafe cases and wallets seemingly snapping into place,…

ransomware Treasury

US Treasury says ransomware payouts in 2021 could top entire past decade

The ransomware business is booming this year and could be bringing in billions for some of its top players, according to a report released by the US Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN (via The Record). The report analyzed the massive growth in ransomware payments in the first half of 2021 by looking at…

Blockchain Valve

Valve bans blockchain games and NFTs on Steam, Epic will try to make it work

Games that use blockchain technology or let users exchange NFTs or cryptocurrencies won’t be allowed on Steam, according to a rule added to Valve’s “What you shouldn’t publish on Steam” list. The change was pointed out by SpacePirate, a developer working on an NFT-based game, who said that the change was because the company doesn’t…

'Open it’s

Epic says it’s ‘open’ to blockchain games after Steam bans them

Epic tells The Verge that it’s “open to games that support cryptocurrency or blockchain-based assets” on its game store, unlike its competitor Valve which has banned games that feature blockchain technology or NFTs from Steam. When we asked about allowing games that featured NFTs, Epic told us there’d be some limitations, but that it’s willing…

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld Compares Playing Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop to Dickinson

Hailee Steinfeld compares playing Kate Bishop in Hawkeye to the young poet in Dickinson. Created by Alena Smith for Apple TV+, the first season of Dickinson premiered in 2019 along with the debut of the streaming service itself. It was quickly renewed for a sophomore season and now, the Dickinson season 3, its last, is set to air…